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BTV Solo Review – Does It Really Work?

Posted by admin on October 3, 2015

BTV Solo Review

Creating that professional and highly memorable beat is no longer an impossible dream for many music enthusiasts and other individuals who dabble in the music industry with BTV Solo. If the usual approach and strategy them is to find a professional sound engineer or musician just to create or find a beat that you need for your project, this time amateurs and individuals who are interested to dip their hands in music will find another creative and highly convenient option. If you have plans to test the waters and also get into music and beat production, then you can tap commercially-available music production software like the btv solo.

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Just like other music software, the BTV Solo comes at a price but the money that you will spend to try the product will be worth it. This is considered a cost-efficient, helpful and highly intuitive way of making music, making beats or re-arranging a composition. The BTV Solo is one of the latest products in the market that is designed to help those who want to make a mark in the music industry, or at least in beat making. As professional music production software, this product can work with DAW, assuming the role of a VST. Its use can help facilitate the smooth flow of creative juices.

Making Beautiful Beats With BTV Solo

Through the use of BTV Solo, life inside the music studio or inside your room is made fun and easier. And if you are facing a blank wall and can’t seem to find the right music, beat or inspiration, the software has a comprehensive and high quality sound library and an easy-to-use interface to help you start on the right note. Another great thing going for the BTV Solo is the person behind the software- Dallas Austin. Mr. Austin is one of the developers of this music tool and software, and he is one of the best in the field. He is a multiple Grammy-award winner, thus you can say that the music software is one amazing tool to use. There are a number of reviews for the BTV Solo online but perhaps one of the best validations is that this tool is designed by an industry insider and genius. There are two options for the product- there is a hardware version and there’s the software version. If you opt for the hardware version, you’ll need to pay $1500. But if you decide to take in the software version, then you will have to pay for just a fraction of the cost, and when you decide to tap on this option, you can use the software on your Mac or PC. And since your main work station is the PC, this means that you can easily edit and save your projects with BTV Solo.

Popular Features Included In the BTV Solo

• Make your own signature song- This tool offers a fast and simple way of creating a song and if you’re in a hurry, you can develop sequence beats in a matter of minutes according to BTV Solo. You can use the keyboard to create a beat. The software has an extensive library of sounds that will allow you to create different types of music in a variety of genre. There’s room for you if you love pop, dance, or just about any type of genre. There are samples and the tool features the 16-track sequencer, hundreds of music samples and an interface that’s easy to use.
• Make music customization an entertaining task- If there’s a need to edit a music file or song, let this software do the work. You can count on the btv solo to edit almost every kind of music file. You can change the patterns, add instruments and add a few more layered effects. You can even drag and drop different sounds and instruments. And after completing the project or audio file, you can easily share the project and file with flexibility. The sharing of music files can be done in just one button called ‘Export’. You will need this functionality if ever you need to edit and listen to the file or music in another application.
• Loaded with features that will make you a pro- This BTV Solo is loaded with all the features you need to become successful. There are pre-set patterns, and 50 percussion and drum kits.

BTV Solo Conclusion

And in case you are just starting out in this hobby and you don’t know how to start and create your own project, you can always view first the training videos that come with the software. Through the help of the training videos, you can start on a new hobby with confidence. There’s more to discover here so now is the best time to try out the software and unleash the musical genius in you. And since this was designed by another genius, you’ll know that you are on the right track with this BTV Solo music software.

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Btv Solo Review – Is It A Scam?

Posted by admin on September 29, 2015

Btv Solo Review

Create your own Beats with btv solo Have you thought about creating your own sounds and expressing your individuality through music? You will find a user-friendly experience for making your own beats when you consider BTV Solo. This is one of the more recent music production software for PC’s to hit the beat making scene, created by 2 x Grammy Award winning music producer Dallas Austin, who has worked with many huge name artists including Chris Brown, Michael Jackson Ady Gaga and Madonna.

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How To Use It?

The layout, navigation, functionality and versatility of this software are all specifically designed for beginner music producers. There are over thousands of professionally engineered sounds and drum kits included to get your creative juices flowing.The btv solo is unique. It’s laid out like an MPC (music production controller) machine, which can be quickly accessed for different drums and sounds for a fast and flexible workflow.All your sounds and drum kits are listed on the left hand, which can be assigned to the key pads at the bottom main area. 16 channels, each representing a different sequence is just above the pad.

The screen display shows everything that you’re btv solo currently playing, which is easy to understand. It is very simple and you can get btv solo used to it in just a few hours after that it is not hard to produce a beat in an hour or so just by using the keyboard and mouse, or an external MIDI controller.There are three main components that make a great instrumental – creativity, use of great sounds and mastering the track. BTV Solo has all these features to make this possible.

Making full use of the effects is what will separate your beats from someone else’s. It contains a whole load of btv solo different effects tools including flangers, phasers, pitch-shifters, coil and old vinyl effects, reverbs, delays and many more. For beginners, you likely will not know what most of them do until you play about with them. They will essentially make unique sounds and will certainly lead to more ideas. While mastering, things get a bit more technical, and will help you to carefully listen to the very miniscule but important changes in sounds, and how they’re arranged.

The mastering tools like EQ, compression, limiting, and volume adjustment serves to edit minor flaws and will spruce up sounds. You will quickly learn about the final tweaks that a beat needs in order to become perfect for listeners.
The drum kits and sounds can be customized so that the favorite sounds can be accessed easily to have more creative approach. With the Custom Drum Kits builder you can assign each instrument to the sound pad, and create your own btv solo combination. This keeps all your favorite sounds in one place, and really does help you to make beats much faster. The instrument builder also works in exactly the same way, but is more flexible, as you can layer multiple instruments together to create btv solo a completely new sound.

What Makes It Different

The program also includes more than a hundred preloaded drum kits and btv solo has more than a thousand different sound samples, some of which are from Dallas Austin himself. You can also upload your own sound samples or create your own with either the mouse or keyboard or with a MIDI keyboard or drum that the program is compatible with. There are also numerous effects which can be used to make unique twists to your musical masterpieces. This program is an amazing tool which can provide studio quality music. It allows you to create some amazing btv solo beats that can be used for house parties, in the club, or if for creating a demo that you can send to big time producers if you want to use your skills to become rich and famous. In fact, some professional DJs and producers are already starting to use this product in creating their own music, as it is a practical and very affordable alternative when producing some professional quality beats that you can shake your body to.

Despite its simple design, BTV Solo is extremely flexible and it is able to manipulate even the minutest of details so that your music would come out exactly how you intend it to. The package also comes with a few tutorial videos which will enable you to leap from beginner level to expert music producer in no time. BTV Solo as one of the best music beat generators It is extremely flexible and simple.

Btv Solo Conclusion

You can start creating great music from the word go. It can also create complex and amazing sounds, limited only by your creativity and imagination. With BTV Solo, you can become a musical genius as you create one masterpiece after another. A music making software that you can use at home with a limited budget. BTV Solo is the best thing if you want to create professional sounding music that is easy on btv solo the ears and can launch your career in the music business.

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